Trustees Meeting
March 2, 2005

The Village Board of Trustees met in regular session March 2, 2005 at 7:00 PM at the Village Hall. Board Members present were: Connie Boldan-Cerveny, James Cerveny, Dave Mahrt, Brad Graham, and Chairman Patrick Cunningham. 

The meeting notice was posted at Village Hall, Post Office, & Fuel Depot.

The minutes of the February meeting were read and approved, motion by D. Mahrt, 2nd by J. Cerveny, Vote all Aye.

Treasurerís report was read. Bills presented for the Road Fund $165.57 OPPD (Street Lights), $300.00 Gerald Snodgrass (snow removal). Bills presented for the General Fund $11.71 OPPD (Town Hall Lights), $33.24 Plattsmouth Journal, $85.00 Morten Law Office, $50.00 Deb Cunningham (Administrative Fees), motion to pay the bills by D. Mahrt, 2nd by B. Graham, Vote all Aye. 
State Auditor sent confirmation that the request for waiver was approved. 

Building Permits: None

Inspections Conducted: No Report 

Planning Committee: Report given. Motion by B. Graham, 2nd by C. Cerveny to table any decisions until the next regular meeting. 

Cemetery Board: Motion by C. Cerveny to pass Ordinance #2005-01 An updated ordinance to section 2-101 relating to the cemetery board; to provide for the appointment of six members; to provide for the said members; to repeal conflicting ordinances and sections; and to provide an effective date, 2nd by J. Cerveny. Motion by B. Graham to add Ruth Coffin and Carrie Brown to the Cemetery Board for a one year term, 2nd by D. Mahrt, vote all Aye. Still need 3 members for the board.

Lower Platte River Regional Water Supply/Wastewater Infrastructure Project: Update

Town Hall Rental Agreement: Motion by C. Cerveny to set all rent at $25.00 for residents and non-residents, 2nd by B. Graham, vote all Aye.

Homeland Security Grant Application discussion. Motion by C. Cerveny to pass resolution 2nd by J. Cerveny: Resolution reads as following:

RESOLVE: that in order to provide for a coordinated grant application on behalf 
of the 1st responders in Cass County, the Village Board of South Bend, NE 
has reviewed the grant process and application and has approved the Cass County submittal to the State of Nebraska for 2005 Grant funding.
Amended Ordinances for approval: Motion by D. Mahrt to waive the 2nd & 3rd readings, 2nd by C. Cerveny, Vote all Aye. 
Ordinance #01-05: 1-504 (Closed Sessions) amended and 1-504.1 (Prohibited Acts; Exempt Events) enacted
Ordinance #02-05: 1-515 (Teleconferencing) amended
Ordinance #03-05: 1-516 (Video Conferencing) amended
Ordinance #04-05: 1-700 (Elections; Generally) enacted; 1-703 (Election of Officers; Certifications Required) amended; 1-713 (Certificate of Nomination or Election) repealed
Ordinance #05-05: 5-318 (General Offenses; Weeds, Litter, Stagnant Water) amended
Ordinance #06-05: 6-304 (Fireworks; Sale) amended
Ordinance #07-05: 7-109 (Public Works Involving Architecture or Engineering; Requirements) amended
Ordinance #08-05: 7-203 (Sidewalks; Repair) amended and 7-202 (Sidewalks; Maintenance) repealed
Ordinance #09-05: 9-108 (Alcoholic Beverages; License Renewal; Municipal Powers and Duties) amended
Ordinance #10-05: 9-109 (Alcoholic Beverages; Licenses; Municipal Powers and Duties) amended
Ordinance #11-05: 9-116 (Alcoholic Beverages; Hours of Sale) amended
Ordinance #12-05: 9-122 (Alcoholic Beverages; Licensed Premises; Inspection) amended
Ordinance #13-05: 9-123 (Alcoholic Beverages; Citizen Complaints) amended
Ordinance #14-05: 9-126 (Alcoholic Beverages; Catering Licenses) amended
Ordinance #15-05: Zoning Ordinance 8.01 enacted and 8.01 - 8.04 repealed

Motion by D. Mahrt to pass all as a block, 2nd by J. Cerveny, vote all Aye. Motion by D. Mahrt to pass ordinances, 2nd by B. Graham, Vote all Aye.
Motion by D. Mahrt, 2nd by C. Cerveny to waive the 2nd and 3rd readings of ordinances.

Town Hall Repairs: update 

New Business: Keep Nebraska Beautiful (Great American Cleanup), motion by D. Mahrt 2nd by B. Graham to decline this project at this time, vote all Aye. 

Correspondences: read

Next Regular Board Meeting Wednesday, April 6, 2005
Motion to adjourn by B. Graham, 2nd by D. Mahrt, Vote all Aye.


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