Trustees Meeting
July 5, 2006

The Village Board of Trustees met in regular session July 5, 2006 at 7:00 PM at the Village Hall. Board Members present were: Connie Boldan-Cerveny, James Cerveny, Brad Graham, and Chairman Patrick Cunningham. Absent Dave Mahrt.

The meeting notice was posted at Village Hall, Post Office, & Fuel Depot.

It was noted where the “Open Meetings Act Poster” is posted.

The minutes of the June meeting was read and approved, motion by J. Cerveny, 2nd by B. Graham, Vote all Aye.

Treasurer's report was read. Bills presented for the Road Fund $170.16 OPPD (Street Lights), $250.00 JEO (Prep. of one & six year plan). Bills presented for the General Fund $14.45 OPPD (Town Hall Lights), $32.40 Plattsmouth Journal, $8.00 Ashland Paper (Garage Sale Ad), $440.00 ADS (Clean-up), $450.00 American Legal Publishing (2006 NE Code Book), $73.49 Connie Boldan-Cerveny (clock & mileage), $100.00 John Malkenburg (mowing), $45.00 Deb Cunningham (Administrative Fees), Board Salary, $445.00 P. Cunningham, $105.00 D. Mahrt, $195.00 C. Cerveny, $195.00 J. Cerveny, $195.00 B. Graham, $39.00 Postmaster (stamps), motion to pay the bills by B. Graham, 2nd by C. Cerveny, Vote all Aye. 

Building Permits: Garage Addition for Richard Clements, Lot 114 North Lake, motion by B. Graham, 2 nd by C. Cerveny, Vote all Aye. Patio Addition for Randy & Judy Bailey, Lot 3 Middle Island, motion to approve by B. Graham, 2 nd by J. Cerveny, vote all Aye.

Steve Parr – JEO was present to discuss possible street imporovements.

Inspections Conducted: No Report

Planning Committee: No Report

Cemetery Board: Meeting set for July 19 th , 7:00 p.m., Village Hall.

Town Hall: Motion by B. Graham to put out for bid roofing of Village Hall, 2 nd by C. Cerveny, Vote all Aye.

Discussion on distribution of West Nile literature.

New Business: Village has sent out letters regarding fill dirt that can be provided for village residents and also the need of P.O. boxes for mailings.

Correspondences: Upcoming training: G120 Exercise Design July 15 & 16 CCEM.

Next Regular Board Meeting Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Motion to adjourn by B. Graham, 2nd by J. Cerveny, Vote all Aye.


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